Chinese Horoscope 2016: Chinese sign of the Pig

You are the chinese sign of the Pig or Boar? Find out what you reserve your Chinese horoscope 2016, under the sign of Fire Monkey. Work, love, well-being: Chinese astrology tells you all about your year 2016. Year-slinging, half grape … So, you will be expected to ups and downs. For some, it will be a little artistic blur much of the year and you have to persevere.

General Atmosphere

Throughout the next year, you will see a great sensitivity which could even pass as a form of susceptibility.

For some, 2016 will be the perfect year to get closer to your parents or to have more peaceful relations with those around you.


Good year for recognition of your skills or to undertake an assessment.

For some, you will see your efforts rewarded.

For others, 2016 you will charge you in all areas of your business.
For much of the year, you have the support and confidence of your superiors, remember to make good use!


This year, no question of complacency that you had undertaken to rectify your financial situation.
Thus, you should always be careful and you have to manage your masterfully budget.


You will hardly recognize you in your relationship and you will be brought to ask you a thousand questions.

This will certainly be a difficult period that will force you to think about what you really want.
So, expect a complex enamel year by many misunderstandings.

Single, you will not know what you want and you change your mind like a shirt.
This is an average year ahead of you and love will not be at the rendezvous.

For some, maybe you should be a little less demanding!

Well be

You’ll be on edge and no destabilize or will you leave your hinges.
This is a special year that will require you to review your personal functioning.

For some, it’s time to put you to the sport or practice of an activity for relaxation and better management of emotions.

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